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Beauxbatons Cosplay

If you are following in social media you already know that I recently did a Beauxbaton Cosplay and I had so much fun that I want to invite others to join me on different events that I do monthly in November we were so full of activities that we couldn’t do it and I was planning to do it in December but is looking extra busy so if I do get to do December it will be later in December or we will meet for January 2022.

Join me dressing up as #Beauxbatonforaday

Dress as a Beuxbaton Student or Alumni but remember to wear your school colors that I assume are all shades of blue and silver!!

I can‘t wait to see you all! If you still need help setting up your uniform or outfit please check out the following affiliated links to amazon that will show you items totally necessary for your outfit at no extra charge for you!

Find the Unisex Hat here:

Dress here:

Blue Cape:

Oxford shoes:

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