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#BoundtoloveDisney challenge

#BoundtoloveDisney challenge is in full swing this week. If you haven't had the chance to join the fun, you still have time today and the rest of the week. This style/bound challenge created by @thegirlwiththedolewhiptattoo attracts bounders for all the corners of the world. This is her third challenge and I am so glad to be part of her main crew to promote the challenge.

Soooo, to celebrate First day of challenge I have created 3 stickers, two of them are in square shape with color and one of them is totally transparent.

You can Download here:

Add Stickers From Your Camera Roll

I was today days old when I discovered this trick from the interwebs and is the first time I did it and it worked on my iOS smartphone:

1. Open up your Instagram Story in Instagram add photo that you want to add the sticker on, leave it there by sliding up and go to your photos.

2. Download sticker from this post to your camera roll, Choose the sticker from your camera roll and click on the Share button:

3. A screen will pop up with options for you to save and share the PNG Sticker. Click “Copy Photo”.

4. Then open up Instagram again and your Instagram Story will still be there ready to go. An option to add the Sticker you just copied will pop up! Tap the “Add Sticker” Icon.

Voila! Add Sticker and move it around as you wish!

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