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Halloween in Florida 2021

I’m so excited to have friends to go to the park with I have said it Before I am so grateful that my family could relocate to Central Florida it is my first time living in Central Florida and I am having a blast although I’m paying for it with having to be so far away from my husband. This is not the first time that we have been away but so far it’s going to be the longest it’s suppose to be a year. Now let’s go back to the event we actually met at CityWalk with some friends and then we continued island of adventure Park after 8 PM when they closed, we went to Halloween horror nights for our last Halloween horror night of the year.

This year for Halloween horror nights we went a couple times together with new friends with all friends it was really nice we always get the Frequent fear past because we like to go more than once. Usually Universal is pretty empty on Halloween horror nights but this time I think it has been the one that I have seen more people in costumes. Enjoy some of the costumes that I saw in the parks and enjoy our own costumes as clowns I love to match with Diego because we can come up with the weirdest things in the morning and have them ready for the night or the afternoon.

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