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Mapiful Wedding Thank you Idea.

I just ordered my Mapiful star map and I am so excited to receive it by mail soon, while I was designing I had an idea: I could add another item to my "Thank You Package" for my Wedding anniversary guests. I'm so excited to do this for my guests because it means so much to me and it will mean so much to them too because it's the stars in the sky of the moment where they were in a place. Meaning the location of my party and for some of them was the first time traveling to Puerto Rico or being in Aguadilla. I used

Also, you can make a map of the street as the Buffalo, NY I made of my house in Amherst. Most people know that Buffalo is my heart's home. I lived in Buffalo while my son took his first steps and said his first words, I became an adult there, I learned conversational English there, it is a special place. I think having these maps for nomads like me is really significant. As a military family, I think this is super cute especially as you move to the different locations you can have a map of the previous places for decoration in your home and the awesome part is that you can design them with different colors and they even have collabs with designers to make the maps look more useful and be used in Kid's rooms and young adult dorm rooms or apartments.

If you are thinking on doing this for a Couple's / Wedding / Anniversary gift or a Valentine's Day gift, for yourself, it doesn't matter this is a great detail to have.

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