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Shopping in Quarantine

1107 Arrived at Sam’s Club

100 people in line. Some coughing. Some with Masks, some with gloves. It’s hot outside. Some people are not following the distancing as they should and because there were no instructions I went all the way inside to the door and had to walk back to the line, so I’m like 15 people behind what I should. Did I say the sun is burning hard. I have no battery for the phone.

  • No need to take a cart with you in line, they have disinfected ones in the new entrance.

  • Do not come hungry, it will just give you anxiety.

  • Do not touch your face, I know you want to.

  • Wear headphones if you or your kids are listening to something on your phone.

  • Buy for 2 weeks if you can.

  • 1 member per card.

I, like many other puertorricans thought that the 2 weeks curfew was going to be enough, but it wasn’t because people continued to do the wrong thing. Do not visit your neighbors, no one is exempt of this. Please follow the CDC & WHO guidance. Listen to your body.

You will notice the parking lot is empty, because it is, but that doesn’t mean it will be fast. At this point is 11:17 and I am 1/4of the way. Somebody shouted already. Scary stuff. Nobody wants to die in line. Breeze is breezing, is a gorgeous day for the beach.

Things I regret

  • Didn’t charge my phone this morning

  • Didn’t bring my airpods

  • Didn’t tie my hair with a tie, just with bobby pins.

So it’s been almost 30 minutes and I think we are halfway there.

Ok, so is being 31 minutes and I can actually see the door or what I think is the door.

I think we will be able to go in soon. Like 10 more minutes, depending on how many people are getting out.

While in the line I wrote this blog and also edited some pictures to upload to instagram, but mostly meditated about this situation that could be deadly.

I was mad because people were buying alcohol and cigarettes in the Base store but in reality I shouldn’t do that, judge people. I think we should keep our spirits up, preferably, sober spirits. Happiness should be in the air. These are tough times.

There was everything I need, fully stock and pleasant after the wait. So excited to have been able to buy everything for the next two weeks and being able to fix inside my fridge and cabinets.

Do what you can to go to the outside only once a week or less. Im not planning to leave the house for the next 14 days until the order is lifted again.

Let’s see how it goes. I will keep you updated.

Just so you know, I am keeping entertained by recording 2 episodes of my podcast Soy Magia with Leuryck!

You can find our podcast on spotify & Apple Podcast, LANGUAGE: SPANISH

but surprise, I will start my english podcast this week.

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