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Things to do in the Halloween Season 2023

I will start a series of things that I recommend for people to experience during the Halloween Season

Look for your local Rocky Horror Picture Show theather reanacment!!

What to expect? At the beginning you will check in as a regular theater show, they will have a merch section that will include a care package with articles that you will need to use throughout the movie.

I recommend buying this fun bag for two reasons: #1 Support the troupe by buying the bag, #2 It will keep you invested and interactive with the movie and the scenes that the troupes are acting !

How does it look? Depending on the location, it might be a movie theater and the actors will act around that or if is a regular theater they will bring a screen but the movie will be always playing on the background.

What to do? Reserve your tickets as soon as possible, Do research in the characters to prepare the costume you are going to wear and watch the movie at least once so your are not totally lost.

If you are in the central florida area I would start checking out this website for upcoming shows.

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