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Virtual Traveling- Cuba (September 2018)

Today we are going to have a #virtualtravel adventure to #cuba

I visited Cuba in September 2018 and it was fabulous! Our roundtrip cost us less than $300 having a layover in fort lauderdale of 11 hours but did not include the visa. I think we paid between $25-50 USD. Not bad, or was it included? I forgot.

Anyways with my @barclaysbankus @jetblue @visa_us card, we traveled with 1 carry on each for free since it includes it for the cardholder and up to 3 companions in the same reservation. The best part of this card is that it does not charge any foreign transaction fees however, Cuba is not credit card friendly. We each got $500 USD cash to survive for 4 days and pay for everything including lodging.

Well, the people in that street told us that the business in the corner was giving bad vibes to people and they decided to "protect the barrio", when we were there the business was already closed. It is part of a Santeria ritual.

We did survive, to start $500 USD became about $380 CUC so we lost a lot in the money exchange even when we did it in the streets. They would give us $90 to the $100 and sometimes we changed for less. We paid $35 CUC a night divided among 3 people and the taxi rides were about $5-10 CUC each way, food was about $5-10, drinks were $1-8 CUC one trip cost us $100 roundtrip plus some #horsebackriding was like $20-30 per person I think. That was the worst experience of my life ruined a beautiful yellow dress and my blue @adidaswomen

Anyways, overall, the trip was good. There is nothing to buy in Cuba, no shopping malls or anything. It’s like a time capsule and the people are AMAZING!


INTERNET: There is no internet, there are wifi spots and most restaurants have some but our lodging didn't have any and if you were close to a wifi spot you will notice because you will see a lot of people around and you will need a card to get access to it.

There’s a street in the #malecon that unites la #habanavieja and la #habananueva you will see the difference in the light posts.

We went to a fancy hotel the #packardcuba and it was so worth it because the hotel was like an NYC Waldorf Astoria or The Plaza but in Cuba at a fraction of the price.

All the photos are from the first day in Cuba, I have a bunch of photos from the other days that I will share later on. Hope you enjoy it!

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