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What I learned from losing my keys for 10 days.

I am living a big change in my life right now, I lost the keys for my car 10 days ago and although I am not desperate yet I am getting antsy because I have looked in all the superficial places but not in depth and I have notice more and more that I have a lot of shit that I really don’t need and I won’t miss it tomorrow and way never in a year.

Phase 1: The Problem- Linen Closet

This is my linen closet, everything is clean and smells like gain but... I have so much that it does not fit in my closet and we are only 3 people in the house. We don’t need that many towels and sheets and pillows.

Phase 2: After perusing the contents I quickly move items to bags for donation. I filled up three bags and moved them to the garage to be picked up by a person that takes donations, I hope she picks up clothes and stuff. I was thinking of taking pictures and showing my family to see if they needed curtains or linens but I was thinking that I shouldn’t do that to my family, they don’t need my baggage. We should all move forward to a more minimalist living or reduced living like I am trying to do.

After those three bags I organized everything bag to my closet, happy with what I did, letting go of all of those items at once was a huge step for me but it wasn’t enough...

Phase 3: Preparing to donate even more

So I was strong and decided to once more, take everything out of the closet and revise what I really wanted to keep. I check the towels left some for us and the dogs. Linen for the kitchen, and all the different beds a full, queen and a king. Linen for the 3 bathrooms and all the cute towels that we have acquire with our favorite characters without forgetting the first blanket Alex had in the hospital and his little comforter.

I was drowning in all of this...

Phase 4: I took everything out of the closet again and started to fill up bags for donating and folding back into the closet. I filled the closet again, I am not proud of that but I am proud that I filled 4 more bags for donation.

Phase 5: Review everything in a couple of weeks and see what is needed and what can be donated. In a month and then in a year.

Hopefully I will continue to reduce in all areas of my house. The keys were not here but I did find a gift I bought for Danny and Julian that I had lost for a couple of weeks sooo... excited about that.

This is the final product but I will update you in the next weeks or months. I will be better!!!!

Update: I called the lady that picks up donations and I ended up donation 9 bags of linen and towels and clothes and some toys too.

They are on their way to Guayanilla this Sunday.

Thank you Linda for all your hard work, If you are in the west coast of Puerto Rico looking to donate for a good cause , do not hesitate and call Linda at 7874448531

Another update on this story...

I found my keys today after more than 10 days without them.

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